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Is your house being threatened with

More and more Aussies are finding it difficult to service their mortgage.

If you've been served with a Foreclosure or Repossession notice; because you are

unable to service your mortgage, talk to us about your options; while you still have some!


or Repossession?


``Our mission is to assist Aussie families deal with the stress of mortgage arrears – to avoid the cripping outcome of foreclosures and reposession.``

Ongoing worry?

WORRIED ABOUT YOUR NEXT HOUSE PAYMENT? You’re not alone. Many Aussies are in the same situation. Even though the interest rates might be low, when you lose income; the hurst comes in thick and fast. And sometimes you just need to get it sorted fast.

Missed payments

MISSED PAYMENTS WILL QUICKLY BECOME A BIG PROBLEM. Any payments later than 3 days are now recorded on your credit file. And may seriously affect your ability to borrow bank finance in future. Obviously you’d try to avoid this. But when you just can’t; your choices become more limited the more time you spend just thinking about it.

Been served your notice?

HOUSE UNDER THREAT OF FORECLOSURE? BEEN SERVED A REPOSSESSION AND EVICTION NOTICE? Some people think that waiting it out might eventually straighten things out. Unfortunately; the opposite is actually the case. But; if your situation is critical, can you afford to wait and see what happens? Because like any situation; someone is going to take control. And it’s either the bank; or it’s YOU.

You lose much more than your house; when you lose your home

Owning the great Aussie dream can be difficult. High mortgage repayments can cause great stress on families; and when income is lost – your greatest asset becomes your biggest liability.

But losing your house means much more than just losing your home. If the bank defaults you for some late payments, or even worse, takes your house away; your credit file is ruined and it makes life much more difficult in future – especially when you need to deal with banks for credit.

You are not alone

Did you know that almost 30% of Aussie’s are having difficulty keeping their home? Just as many no longer have the ability to re-finance.

Today; more and more people are being denied even small lines of credit – for something as simple as a late phone or electricity bill. And sellers are realising that more and more buyers are being denied finance by the banks. Which makes it even more difficult to sell when you absolutely need to. That’s a huge number of people who’s great Australian dream is becoming a nightmare.

If you are in this situation you’d know how much stress this can cause; not only for yourself but for your family also. Sleepless nights wondering that you could do. The fear of what could happen if you don’t manage to pay that next mortgage bill. It can all become too much and some people understandably resort to ignoring the problem all together.

Fear, disappointment, anger, resentment and stress are what you may be feeling right now.

But talking with someone who understands your situation may lead you to a path that results in a much better outcome for not only you but for your family as well. Contact us to discuss your options. And get on the right track to escaping the stress of house debt today.

Hi guys. Just wanted to say thankyou guys! We could not be happier with the outcome you gave us.

Like we said; we’d been trying sell for 18 months with no go. You guys manage to get it off our hands in a couple weeks! Paperwork, money, everything. Why can’t everyone do it this good?

Michelle M. Camden, NSW.

We needed to sell our house. We REALLY needed to sell it because my husband lost his job with the company he’d been with for 17 years. It was pretty out of the blue so you can imagine it wasn’t easy. We tried to sell it a couple years back but didn’t get the price we wanted – so we didn’t sell it back then.

This time we didn’t have a choice. It was sell up or the bank was gonna take it back. 4 months of missed payments will do that. But after quick meeting with Karl – he helped us fix up the back payments, and get the house sold. It’s a good feeling knowing that you just don’t need to worry anymore.

Joy L. Glenwood Park, NSW.

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Please don't delay.

Not making the call could mean disaster for you and your family.

``When income is lost; your greatest asset can become your biggest liability``


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Lose the stress! Not the house!

Don’t let the bank take your house; just because you’re behind on your payments. If you can no longer afford to hold on to the house, because you’ve lost your income, or have to dedicate money to a family matter – we can purchase your property so you can do what you need to. Without having to go bankrupt in the process.

Bigger debt than house.

For many people, having a house that’s of lesser value than the mortgage brings many sleepless nights with the feeling that there’s no way out. Not anymore. We have the ability to purchase your property so that you’re no longer having to worry about the shortfall each month – that’s literally taking food off your table. This is a common problem in mining towns. Where construction of a mine or refining plant may require the town’s population to grow quickly by 50,000 people during the build stage. But when all construction is complete the majority of these people move out and the town’s left with just 1,000 maintenance personnel. As long as there are people still wanting property in the area, we can help.

“Finance fell through”

You’ve been trying to sell your house for months; and have had some great buyers come through and made offers. You wait for these buyers to confirm their finance when everything falls through – because the banks have denied your buyers their finance.

This is pretty common as banks tighten their lending criteria and require a higher and higher up-front cash deposit. Although this can sometimes be a deal-breaker; we can provide solutions to ensure your sale still goes through. Talk to us about how we can get your buyers back in play.

Negative Gearing to Positive Cashflow

Negative Gearing is the darling of the financial advisor industry. Although it gives you the ability to claim a tax break on your shortfall, it places you at a certain level of risk that’s at the mercy of bank interest rate changes.

Ask yourself; is it really an investment if actually loses you money? And is getting a tax break the same as actually making money? Talk to us about how you can start implementing simple strategies that can quickly convert your negative geared property to a positive cashflow investment – with real, ongoing profit.

Renovation Rescue is here!

Need to sell your house? But can’t afford the renovation needed to get the top price? We can help. We can work with you to create an updated look for your home, within a very short timeframe, allowing you to get a much higher valuation on your existing home. As joint venture partners, we can provide the capital and man-power to get your house updated fast. Giving your agent a house that can be marketed to a much wider audience; and for a much more profitable sale. Why sell a run-down house when you can put a castle on the market? If you’ve been trying to get the work done but have just run out of funds or time; give us a call to see how easy it can be to get your renovation finished without having to stress about how you’ll get the funding you need.